The high end E-bike conversion kit

E8 System:The most simplest ebike conversion kit in the market

E8 Drive Unit

Y120 motor

The Y120 Hub Motor is a groundbreaking product, refined over years with meticulous attention to every internal component. Extensively tested for stability and performance, it’s poised to drive the industry towards high-end E-bike development.

E8 Battery

B66 Li-ion Bottle Battery

The B66 integrates the controller into the water bottle battery, combining minimalism with performance. With ample capacity and range, it meets most riding needs, unlike bulky alternatives. Its seamless bike integration and sleek design provide a pleasing look.

E8 Display


The W02 design prioritizes fewer cables, more information, and an intuitive interface, seamlessly compatible with the E8 system. It consolidates essential features like battery status, gear adjustment, and riding data into one dashboard.

Carbon wheels


Our emphasis on lightweight design ensures our system seamlessly fits with most carbon fiber wheelsets on the market, regardless of model specifications. Plus, with our in-house carbon fiber wheelset production, we offer expert technical support and customized services.

Why Choose EVIGORS?

The simplest and best-looking modification solution in the market

Specifically designed for high-end road bikes and gravel bikes.

High performance
Highly integrated system
Easy installation

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